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CardTable 1.12 Beta 2 has been released. This fixes save game problems and accented characters. I am still working on some other more obscure errors, but progress is being made.


I have yet to see anyone on the chat at all. To let you know, it does not require any registration Just put in your name and click Chat.

CT1.12 has had good feedback from the community, and I am working on the bugs that have been reported.


I added chat to the site. This can be used for support questions or for game requests if people want to start using it. I will try to be logged on a significant amount of the time for real-time questions. Be warned that I may be logged on and away from the screen at times, so have a little patience.

The link is at the top of the page.


CardTable 1.12 Beta 1 has now been released (the first was an alpha). A couple bugs have been reported and are being worked. If you want to test the betas, the page is at this page.


Definitely time for an update. As with a lot of non-paying projects, the updates are sometimes too long in coming. However, I have no intention of abandoning this project, and I would post here if I did. It may take longer than originally planned to get some updates out, but the CardTable user base is growing and so I think it will come faster now.

CardTable 1.12 has been sent to the testers. Since it is now officially out for testing, it should have a pretty short turnaround to production. Though not multiplayer, it does have a lot of new features, and a lot of customization. Look for it soon.


New Card Games!

These files require DeckBuilder, which is available here.

Evel Chriis has graciously decided to host some games compatible with CardTable. Please check out his site here.

CCGs: Rage, Pokemon, Star Wars, Dragonball Z, Magic

Static Card Games: Guillotine, Mille Bornes, Clash of the Lightsabers, Standard Playing Cards, Canasta Caliente, Fluxx (one of my favorite games), Mad Scientist, Quidditch, Murder at the Rue Morgue.

In Progress: Redemption, Harry Potter


In the absence of testers, I am about to go ahead with the release of CardTable 1.12, which I have been itching to get out. I hope it does not have any of the issues experienced with CT1.11. PLEASE contact me at if you would like to be a tester.

CardTable 1.12 has many new feaures. I will be posting a list of those to the announcement list today.


STILL waiting on beta test results. More testers are desired. This is for YOU, folks! Please contribute if you can! All you people wanting the multiuser version, that is also waiting for this.

CardTable 1.11 and higher have itegration with AOL Instant Messenger and ICQ (ICQ is unverified at this time...last checked they had bugs.) Here is the configuration for AOL Instant Messenger.

To set up AOL Instant Messenger (must be a recent version), go to My AIM -> Edit Options -> Edit Preferences. Select Games on the left, then click Games Center. Click Addm and fill in the information on the image above. Now you can close all those windows. Right-click on another person who has this set up, and click Play Game. Select CardTable in the list and hit Send.

Please be careful. CT1.10 and CT1.11 are NOT compatible.


CardTable 1.10 has been reposted.

Due to enough requests, CardTable 1.10 has finally been reposted while the CT1.11 kinks are worked out. I was reluctant to do this, but beta testing has been slow (if you would like to be a beta tester, please contact me).

Please be careful. CT1.10 and CT1.11 are NOT compatible.


Here are a few links that will be useful. You can now fill out bug reports, ask for tech support, and ask for new features online.

Bug Reports

Tech Support

Feature Request

Further information can also be found here.

CardTable 1.11c Beta 3 is now in testing. I am hoping this will fix the connectivity problems people have been getting. Please keep me informed on any problems you have!


I apologize for the incorrect data on the site recently. I was setting up a new webpage and accidentally copied the wrong index.html file here.

CardTable 1.11c Beta 3 is now in testing. I am hoping this will fix the connectivity problems people have been getting. Please keep me informed on any problems you have!


DeckBuilder 1.02 is now available for both Windows and Linux.

Thank you to Frydryck for finding a couple bugs and providing me the opportunity to add a new feature.


DeckBuilder 1.01 is now available for both Windows and Linux. Please click on the link at the bottom of the page to see more information and/or download data files.

More data files will be coming soon.


My oh my! Has it been so long?

CT1.11b is now available below. PLEASE let me know any problems you have by writing to The beta testers have gotten to this one, though, and it looks stable to them.

New games that appear in the works:
Sailor Moon
Star Trek

CT1.12 will be in beta test soon.

I apologize to all you who have been waiting for the CT1.11b version for so long, so patiently. I have had a lot happening in my life right now (I just moved, my wife is pregnant, I had to go on business trips), and I am running behind my projected schedule.


Well, it is certainly time for another update!

I use v3 for a redirect server as well as for CardTable email.  However, v3's email has been down for a while now.  Since that is (was) the only place my address book for CT beta testers was, it is inaccessible.  (Unlike last time, when they blitzed my account completely.)

So, here we go again...   I need beta testers!  I need my current beta testers to write me so I can put them in this address book, and since more is better, I need other people who want to be beta testers to contact me!

[Side note to my current beta testers:  I did manage to send you two emails about CT1.11b a while back, and I had no replies of success/failure except for those testers who had no problems with CT1.11!]

CT1.11b, a (hopefully) bugfixed version of the accidentally released CT1.11, has been ready for testing for some time now.

In addition, CT1.12 is nearly complete (a little code I haven't added for image tiling, but I'll get to that soon).

CT2 is progressing, but it will be a while before it is complete.  Since I haven't discussed it before, CT2 is a complete rewrite of the networking code in CT, allowing for more than 2 people to play, or for other parties to just observe.

Please remember to write to me with any suggestions/requests/bugs/etc!!!!


I apologize to all CardTable users. I was behind in releasing CT 1.11, and hurried it through testing. Basically, I let the testers know about it, then waited a few days for any response. When I got none, I presumed it was ok. Turns out they hadn't had time to test it yet.

I have reverted the site back to CT1.10. As soon as CT1.11 has been debugged, it will be released as CT1.11b.

Again, I apologize.


The long-awaited CT1.11 is here!  With everything from bugfixes to encryption to prevent cheating to user names in Chat!  Check out the whatsnew.txt for details!


!!!!! NEW VERSION 1.10 !!!!!

Well, I am sure everyone has been wond

ering what happened to CardTable. Well, there is a minor bug that I decided to try and fix, then my Internet broke down, then my work got a stranglehold on me. All in all, I think I am back.

You can read the minor bug in bugs.txt. The new version has some great new stuff! Check out the whatsnew.txt for details!

The source version will no longer be posted. The possibility of cheating has become too easy. Since this is GNU, you CAN request it from me, but I will post who has it as a warning to users.


UPDATE: CardTable 1.10 is in final beta testing and should be released this week. There are many new features in this version. This is also the first version we have had a team of Beta Testers on, and should be more reliable.


NEWS FLASH! CardTable DeckBuilder is now available. Currently it has support for Pokemon on the Windows platform. More games and platforms will be up soon.

Also, stay tuned for CardTable 1.10 with Undo!


NEWS FLASH! CardTable 1.09 is now available!
In CardTable 1.08, two-sided cards (i.e. Objectives) do not load properly. This has been resolved.


NEWS FLASH! CardTable 1.08 is now available! Two new greatly requested features! Save/Load Games and Rotate Cards! That's right! No more 'I gotta go' end of games. Locations turned sideways in Star Wars. Get it now!


IMPORTANT: A number of errors have been recently traced to different versions of TCL/TK. Please try the cardtable.exe download at the bottom of the page if you have errors connecting, no popup boxes, etc. This version is tested. In the future, I suggest using this download and not the source for this same reason. Also, it will ensure that users of CardTable of the save version are using the same version of TCL/TK. Another advantage is never having to install TCL/TK or FreeWrap!


Bee-Rockxs is now the official maintainer of all Star Wars specific items. Please continue to report bugs in Star Wars cards or wd2ctd to ... this will be the official support email and he will have access to it. He will be the official host of Star Wars specific items soon.

Clash of the Lightsabers is now up.

Pokemon is being worked by Chocobo. When it is ready, I will be linking to that as the official home for Pokemon-specific stuff.


I sincerely apologize to all CardTable players out there. The holidays took much of my time, and then I had a second honeymoon to go on :-) . I am back now, and am in the process of sorting through my mail. There is not too much, so I should be making bugfixes (there are apparently a couple in wd2ctd) soon.

Attention: 12/13/1999

Please send me your suggestions and feedback. I like hearing from users.
Also, if there is a game you would like supported,
please let me know!

Announcement: 12/3/1999

Basic Pokemon cards are now up! Play with the original Starter or Theme decks!
Ther rest of the cards and a deck creator should be up within the month.

You may email me with suggestions or comments