Clash of the Lightsabers


Background & Object

On the planet of Naboo the Jedi Knights Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi fought the Sith Lord Darth Maul in a howling battle without mercy or reprieve. This game recreates a crucial period of that fierce lightsaber duel Ė where Qui-Gonn and Darth Maul faced each other alone.


First, decide who will play Qui-Gonn Jinn (green-backed cards) and who will play Darth Maul (red-backed cards).

Place your 5 Final Duel Cards (face-up) on the table and place your pewter player on your Final Duel Card 1. Place your Battle Deck next to your Final Battle Cards (Figure 1).

You are now ready to begin the lightsaber duel of duels Ė a mighty clash to the finish that will tilt the balance of the Force for years to come.


Starting the Round

Each round is composed of three lightsaber battles. A battle is won by having a higher total Attack Value on your played cards than your opponent does.

At the start of the round, take your player Battle Deck, shuffle it, and deal yourself a 7-card hand. Place the rest of your Battle Deck next to your Final Duel cards. Now plan your battle by taking three cards from your hand and placing them facedown in front of you Ė one card for each battle (Figure 2). If you later forget which cards you put down, you are allowed to look at them.


Your Battle Cards

Each Battle Deck has two types of cards Ė Power Cards and Special Cards. Power Cards have an Attack Value ranging from 1 to 5. If the total Attack Value of the cards you play in a battle is greater than your opponentís total, then you are winning that battle. Special Cards contain battle commands that you can use to radically alter the duelís outcome; these are slightly different for Qui-Gonn Jinn and Darth Maul. Hereís a breakdown of the Battle Decks:

35 Power Cards

10 Attack Value = 1 Power Card:
10 Attack Value = 2 Power Cards are worth
10 Attack Value = 3 1,2,3,4, or 5 in Attack
3 Attack Value = 4 Value.
2 Attack Value = 5


20 Special Cards

4 Block
3 Use the Force
3 Jedi Knight (or 3 Sith Lord) Special Card:
3 x2 Obi-Wan (or 3 x2 Darth Sidious) When you play a Special
2 Life Drain Card,follow the instructions
2 Retreat in the dark area at the
1 Burst of Energy bottom of the card.
1 Final Attack (Attack Value = 6)
1 Qui-Gonnís Fury (or 1 Darth Maulís Rage)


Fighting the Battle

After you have chosen and placed your three Battle Cards, the first battle begins. Each player flips over their first Battle Card at the same time and the Attack Values are compared. At this point, the battle is engaged and continues according to the "Rules of the Duels."


Rules of the Duels




Ending a Battle

A battle ends when one player concedes the battle or when the battle ends in a draw.

You may concede at any point that you are losing the battle. You must concede when you are losing and have no more cards in your hand. You cannot concede a battle during a Standoff or when you are winning the battle.

When you concede a battle, take your cards played during that battle and put them in your discard pile. The winning player leaves his cards on the table to record the fact that he won that battle.

A draw occurs when there is a Standoff and neither player has cards left in his hand. At this point, both players put the Battle Cards played in that battle into their discard piles. This battle was a draw and neither side won.

If this battle was the first or second in a round, move onto the next battle. If this battle was the third battle, the round ends and the players score the round.


Ending a Round

The round ends when the third battle is finished. The player who won more battles in that round moves his pewter figure ahead to the next Final Duel card. If you win all three battles in a round, move your figure two Final Duel cards! If the round ends with each player winning one battle and the third ending in a draw, then neither player moves ahead.

At this point, collect all your played Battle Cards on the table and place them in your discard pile.

Important Note: Keep the unplayed cards in your hand and add them to the cards you draw next round!


Beginning a New Round

Draw 7 new cards from your Battle Deck and add them to any cards you have left from the previous round. Plan your new battles and begin a new round of lightsaber dueling.

Winning the game

To win, you must be the first to advance your figure to your fifth Final Duel card. The fate of the planet Naboo is now in your hands.


Strategy Tips & Hints for the Wise Jedi or Sith